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Wisdom comes with age

We have over 30 years experience in the estate agents and lettings market locally – what more could you ask for from your Agent?

We also know that whether you are a landlord, tenant, seller or buyer – excellent communication and top class customer service is of the essence, in order to ensure your transaction runs as smoothly and quickly as required – we know that just like property, every customer is different and this is why we listen so carefully to your requirements, that way we can deliver a first class and bespoke service to you.

With traditional values of ‘doing the job properly or not doing it at all’ combined with the latest modern marketing techniques, we know we can promise to provide everything you need!

Trust in any relationship is generally top in the mind-set of most people, so we want you to know that you can trust us – but you will only know that by meeting us face to face – so please call for a no obligation but honest appraisal of your property and any advice you require.

How We Value Your Property Properly

Free Valuations and Free Advice

Of course we offer free valuations, we think that most agencies do this, but the difference with Tracy Thorne Estates is that we will give you free advice, whether you are using as us your agent, or not!

Whether you are an accidental landlord or investment landlord, there is a lot of advice letting agents should provide including more importantly, all up to date legislation and in this business legislation changing all the time, often giving more responsibilities to landlords and agents rather than tenants.

Tracy Thorne Estates are ARLA qualified and recognised, therefore you are in safe hands – we also work alongside a highly reputable solicitors, Shoosmiths, who are on hand to provide any legal advice needed.

We understand this is a big responsibility in letting your property because let to the wrong tenant – it could prove to cost you money rather than make you money.

Frequently asked ?s

How do I go about booking a valuation?

First and foremost give us a call – we are available 7 days a week so can fit round your busy schedule.


What will I expect from that phone call?

Be prepared – we do ask a lot of questions – are we being nosy – NO!  However the more information you provide us with at that very first contact ensures that on our visit we are fully prepared with all the tools and advice you will need in order to make your informed decision to let your property.  We bespoke our visit to tailor YOUR needs not what WE want!

What happens on the day?

Unlike most lettings agents, please ensure to give us approximately 1 ½ hours – we take this very seriously and do not rush what could be one of the most important decisions you ever make, however we also understand the property may be ready to go onto the market there and we are, of course, ready to do that for you.

Does the property have to be immaculate on that day?

If you want the property to go to market straight away, as many landlords do, then obviously if the property is clean and tidy that would assist. Sometimes we appreciate the current tenants are still in situ which can make it very difficult to take good photos.   It is very important the property looks its best so we can certainly advise more on the day of the best way forward.

Will you want us to show you around the property on the day or even be there for the appointment?

If it is possible, of course, being the owners of the property it is always better for us to meet face to face, just to make sure we can go through with you all the legal obligations and any recommendations we may have before the property goes to market.  However, yet again we realise this is not always possible, often our landlords do not live nearby so we are always happy to go through everything by phone, email or even skype!!

How will you value the property?

With years of experience, we know how to value a property.  With lettings it is slightly different to sales as it really is what a prospective tenant is prepared to pay – and the good news is there is no surveyor to come along and down value the property.  However it is important to be realistic too as if the price is too high obviously no-one will want to view the property.  We provide local comparable evidence and also have insight to exactly the sort of tenant your property would interest – that is the most important part.

How We Market Your Property Properly

Lettings has changed drastically over the last 7/8 years and more and more people are renting rather than buying.  They take this very seriously and are just as fussy renting a property as buying one as most of them expect to stay there for some time.  We go about trying to find you that perfect tenant who isn’t just moving in on a temporary basis, that way we know they will look after the property and treat it as their own.

Most tenants do just wait for a property to go on line and want to view there and then – so again what the property looks like when it first goes on line is so important.

Frequently asked questions on marketing?

What’s the best way to market my property?

Floorplans are essential – Rightmove tells us that ??? % of tenants will not look at a property online without a floorplan.  Anyone who says any different is just lazy!

We use the very best photographic equipment and all of our staff have completed and passed a fully accredited photography course.  Only this ensures your home will look at its very best!

We have a very good relationship with Rightmove which allows us to use their featured and premium display property slots which again will make sure your property stands out from the competition.

Most importantly we use a  contemporary and innovative write up to encourage the best tenants to come and want to see your proprty first hand rather than just online.

How soon after taking my instructions will my property be on the website’s?

Believe it or not we can do it in front of your very eyes but clearly we always want to go back to the office and make sure it looks its absolute best before putting it onto the website.  Don’t forget a majority of potential tenants now request a Property Search on Rightmove so as soon as it is on they get an email alert – that is why it is so important everything is checked and checked again before pressing the green light.

Also we like to phone our applicants with your property before it even goes live – that way they will want to view before anyone else and are more likely to offer you the best price!

How We Let Your Property Properly

The very first minute your property comes onto the market is the first time when it’s most attractive to tenants.

Frequently asked questions on selling your home

What do we do to make sure the best tenants come to view?

All of our potential tenants are fully registered before they are put onto our database – we ask all the relevant information at that very first call to make sure they are suitable for the property:

What is the reason for their move?

When do they want to move?

Do they fit the referencing criteria – ie how much is the total household income?

Are they in full time employment etc? and what do they earn?

Do they have children, how many and what ages?

Do they have pets?

Do they smoke?

Are they on any sort of governmental benefit scheme?

How long have they been at their previous property and how long are they looking to stay in the next one?


The list is endless, let’s be realistic here if we sell your property the most important thing for you is the best price achievable to the best buyer ie one that will fit to your timescale and not upset the neighbours!!


When we let your property – of course we need to let it for the most rental value but finding the best tenant is by far more important to ensure they look after it and pay the rent!!  We do also consider the neighbours!!


You may be renting this property out for all sorts of reasons and it is important we understand them in order to ensure we get you the right tenant.


What sort of marketing strategy’s do you use?

This is the best time to organise an ‘open house’ to attract all enquiries in one go.  Tenant frenzy to secure the property gives the optimum rental price and also it is more than likely we have more than one potential tenant which gives us the opportunity to ensure we pick the best one for you, or you may want to meet them yourself and make that choice.

A suitable date is chosen for the launch when the property is presented at it’s best. Then we only contact the most suitable applicants to start booking times throughout the dedicated ‘open house’ period  (approximately 60 minutes).

We have a register of many active applicants and an extensive client database, so we can invite only the most suitable viewers to attend.

OF COURSE, we attend the open house to show every viewer round and answer any questions they may have regarding the property and the amenities etc around it so they can make an informed decision there and then.

Sometimes we may already have one potential buyer in mind and on those occasions we often organise a 1-off viewing before the property goes live – we will have already checked the prospective tenants credential so we know if they want the property they can go forward there and then.

How do we go about negotiating offers?

All offers are reported to you verbally and in writing – we will double check their ability to proceed, and once that is established we can advise you on the best course of action to secure the offer.

Will my property be taken off the market once we have a prospective tenant?

Over the years Lettings Agents have been caught out taking a property off the market as soon as an offer is accepted – at Tracy Thorne Estates the property remains ‘to let’ until the prospective tenant has fully passed referencing and you are happy with everything.&Tracy Thorne Estates They are informed of this and advised that we will not do any further viewings but of course it allows us to continue to take any details of any other prospective tenants should anything not go to course.


Side tab prepare for viewing and tips

Side tab sell or buy first and home not selling

How We Progress Your Page Properly

This is where Tracy Thorne Estates come into their own!!

You may think that lettings a property does not need progressing – how wrong could you be!

Because from point of offer to move in can sometimes be as short as 2/3 days if necessary, chasing the necessary paperwork, referencing and more importantly keeping everyone informed of progress is so important. Also as you know its imperative that all the legal paperwork is correct before the commencement of any tenancy.

Letting a property is the easy part – getting it through to completion is where the hard work really comes in!!

Frequently asked questions?

What things do I need to do before putting the property to market for let?

There is a separate tab on this page that give you all the landlord obligation – please feel free to go through this and if you do have any further questions we will be happy to answer them for you?

How do you keep everyone updated?

This is completely up to you – we are fully aware that sometimes phone calls during the day are not convenient so we can agree with you to email, text, whatever you prefer or even organise set times to call you.  At the beginning of the transaction we take phone no’s and emails of all the agents and solicitors to make sure we can keep in touch with them at all times – we know the best times to contact without driving them mad to make sure they inform us of progress – then we inform everyone involved in the transaction – that way everybody knows what is going on.  Sounds easy doesn’t it – but why do so few estate agents do this?

What is a normal period between finding a tenant and them moving in?

This really depends on your circumstances and/or the tenants.  This is information we normally confirm at the point of offer so everyone knows the timescales we are working to.

What happens on the moving day?

We are always on hand to assist!

Often the last thing landlords want to do is visit our offices on the move date to pass on the keys.

We really want the opportunity to come and say goodbye but realise that is not always possible!  We will more than likely have a set of keys from the viewings and will in advance of the move date ensure we have enough sets of keys for the prospective tenants and also a spare set for ourselves should we be managing the property for you.

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